Monday, 24 August 2015

A Briefing to MVC


Its is a framework for better web application development . Before this used the Web Forms for the purpose of web application creation. Web application creates has a long runny heavy process in which the controller is connected and maintained by server. The details of every small control is connected and shared with server at every point. Thus MVC was introduced to get the a light weight web application. its uses the HTML controls to make the page .
In web forms the controls are converted to the Html tags at run time but in MVC the the Html is created at the design time thus making it faster than any other web forms based application . 

MVC has some positive points over the Web Forms  
  1. It provides better structure to web applications
  2. As controller created in MVC are class of  .Net thus its is easy to create unit cases and the automatic manual test cases.
  3. it can provide a better layored architecture to the user to work parallel on same application by multiple user.
  4. Lesser code is created as the back end code is done using the .Net classes and references. 
  5. Easy learning curve for the growing project that scale up to years. 

High end view of MVC Execution
  • ·         Receiving Request for the application
  • ·         Routing of the URL according to internal routing
  • ·         Creating MVC request handlers
  • ·         Creating controller to be called by the request
  • ·         Executing the Controller
  • ·         Invoking the required method
  • ·         Result is send back as response

Session Management in MVC
  • ·         TempData -  is used to send data from one controller to another controller.
  • ·         ViewData  -  Used to send data from controller to the view respective to the controller.
  • ·         ViewBag    -  Dynamic wrapper around a ViewData is called a ViewBag
    Flow of request in MVC

Issue happened with MOSS 2007

We have SharePoint server 2007 connected to the production environment with the SQL Data base name WSS_Content_P. Due to some technical changes we by mistake triggered the Production Front end to the Test environment Database that is WSS_Content_T . Here the Test database was just the replica of the production database with difference of 2 days. Now after some days we got to know that such a problem has been created. We found that business data of 2 days was missing from the database.
Solution : In the End we came to solution to any how sync the two databases. Now we needed the best database comparison tool to check the data from the two database server.
Internal Tool : SQL > DATA COMPARE
·         Click the Data compare option in visual studio.
·         Provide the connection to both the databases, one will be source and other will be the destination.
·         Now we have four different option
o   Different Records: Scans all the records in the database on the basics of primary keys to find the updates and changes.
o   Only in Source: Compares both the databases for the different rows in the source database.
o   Only in Destination: Compare both the databases for the different rows in the destination, after this we can create a script which deletes the extra file from the destination.
o   Identical records: Compare and provides the list of identical fields in the database.
·         After this it shows a comparison summary.
·         This click script button in the tool bar. This will create a query for required data change.
·         Run this query script on the production database. And reconnected the databases. 
In our case we require the data from the source to the destination, where source is the test environment and destination is the production environment.
What we did to resolve our Problem.
1.       Selecting the Test database as source and destination as production database.
2.       Then selecting the different records and only insource option we move forwarded.
3.       A comparison summary was created which we analyzed before going further to know that we are having the correct data changes. We checked for update queries.
4.       Then we executed the queries on the production environment.

5.       Then we connected the databases back to the frontend and check to get the desired output.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Working on Web application? Remember these Points for the UI prespective !!

We use multiple languages to create a web application but the browser is only able to understand HTML ,JS ,CSS etc.

 Remember some points to create a better web application .

  • 1. Mobile First Application - In  today's mobile world most of the people use mobile devices to access different websites. You first need to know your customer if you wish to go mobile try to keep in mind the concept of mobile first . Use responsive templates or themes to create applications. Generally before this developer use to check which device is accessing the website based on which they for the . Many of you have generally seen that when access many of the websites they shows this 'm' shows that the programmer has checked for the device and then routed you to different pages that is specific for mobile device. But in many cases i have seen the developers forget to check for the opposite . so the better idea is to use a responsive template which automatically changes the website according to mobile .
  • Keep Simple and Clean - Try to keep things simple and clean. When creating a web application don't put unnecessary thing with in single page . try to keep things simple and clean for the user to understand . In many areas it also cause a performance issue as the bulky page is. Remember the average time for the page to load should be between 2 - 3 seconds. This is the worst case scenario.So keep the pages simple easy to understand for the user.
  • Don't Use Everything that you know - Use only the required things while creating a web application by which you can connect to your user or customer. It means If you know 10 different things to do with the web don't use all of them in one. As I said above keep  it simple . More the application is simple , more is there for user to do .

  • Power of Tool tip- Who so ever may be the user try to provide tool-tip for the required controls on your webpages it helps in clarity of the web navigation.generally when using responsive UI its very good to provide the tool-tip to make a better understanding of the controls.This small change in your website can change the number of users on your website. Its good for every age group to understand that what they are searching for