Monday, 5 September 2016

Introduction to LESS.

Introduction To LESS

I am using CSS from more then 5 years. When i started using LESS,it was a better way to write the CSS in the form of Code including variable, functions, and other programming contracts.The color palette providing a fixed boundary which helps me to prevent going crazy with colors and deviating my specified styling. 

Some Features of Less are as Follows.

1. Mixins – Classes for classes.
2. Parametric mixins – Classes to which you can pass parameters, like functions.
3. Nested Rules – Classes within classes, which cut down on repetitive code.
4. Operations – Math within CSS.
5. Color functions – Edit your colors.
6. Namespaces – Groups of styles that can be called by references.
7. Scope – Make local changes to styles.
8. JavaScript evaluation – JavaScript expressions evaluated in CSS.

If you want to read about LESS more here(wikipedia) or here(

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